The Shadow infosystem consists of the Shadow Terminal that sits at your reception area for guests to check in, the Shadow User apps for your employees and visitors for pre-registrations & superfast check ins, and the Shadow Dashboard for your admin team to keep a bird’s eye view on visitor movement.

We are providing companies an innovative solution to greet visitors with kiosk based visitor management system. It instantly notifies the hosts upon the arrival of the visitor through one sleek check in terminal.

It is an experience from the first touchpoint to the very end! It is a highly customisable visitor management software crafted to suit varied workflows and enterprise needs.

Development of a smart Visitor Management System

Increased efficiency

Save time for your employees & their guests through visitor pre-registration & tablet self-registration.

Improve office security

With time-stamped records, verified phone numbers and a photo of each visitor.

Energy fast setup

Shadow leverages the power of the cloud to minimize hardware requirements.

Visitor/Reception Management Terminal

Self Service Kiosk

DIY tablets enable guests to register themselves without having to wait for the receptionist

Super-fast Check-in

Shadow eliminates the mundane repetitiveness from visitor registration leading to faster check ins

Verify Mobile Number

OTP based mobile number verification ensures that the mobile numbers being captured are authentic

Capture Pictures

Shadow terminals enable you to capture pictures of your visitors and store them securely with the visitor data in the Veris cloud

Print Badges

Shadow supports Brother QL-720 label printer for printing customized badges for your visitors

Custom Fields

Customize the details you want your visitors to furnish through the custom fields feature

Your Branding and Theme

Shadow terminals are customizable to reflect your brand identity and create a positive first impression on your visitors

Host Notifications

Instant SMS based notifications for the hosts when their visitors arrive and register themselves at the Shadow terminal

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