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Lead Management System

Lead management is the process of capturing leads, tracking their activities and behavior, and qualifying and engaging them until they are ready to be passed on to quota-carrying sales executives.


Pitara helps creative professionals from all backgrounds and businesses of all sizes produce their best work with incredible content and innovative tools, all on one platform.

Noida Extension Guide

Shadow Infosystem has bring the idea to make this portal. It helps to increase the availability to end user. Shadow's aim is to only make thing easier to our end user. Basically this portal will help our users to meet their need and find their solution according to their need.

Visitor Management System

Dynamic sign in process to not just suit your business needs but also cater to different types of visitors entering your building premises such as interviewees, relatives, delivery boys, etc. Verify phone numbers through OTP verification and Capture guest IDs and photos.

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      How May I Help You?