Outsourcing refers to the way in which companies entrust the processes of their business functions to external vendors. Any business process that can be done from an offshore location can be outsourced. This includes functions like transaction processing, payroll and order and inventory management to name a few. Plus, there are a whole lot of call center services that are being outsourced as well. Some of the processes that can be outsourced to providers like Flatworld Solutions’ are accounting and book keeping service, business process outsourcing, text and editing services, image manipulation services, OCR clean up services, transcription services, data conversion services, call center services etc.
Companies outsource primarily to cut costs. But today, it is not only about cutting cost but also about reaping the benefits of strategic outsourcing such as accessing skilled expertise, reducing overhead, flexible staffing, and increasing efficiency, reducing turnaround time and eventually generating more profit.
Like any other business venture proper planning and research is necessary before choosing an outsourcing partner whether it is on shore or offshore. But by outsourcing to a third party, your business can focus on what it does best and gain a competitive edge in the marketplace.
Custom Software Development
Make a difference in the tech-world by offering businesses with a wide spectrum of custom software development services. Shadow's IT outsourcing experts comprehend minute details of the client's business and develop a strategic plan to offer unparalleled custom software development, testing and QA practices, integration services and maintenance support for businesses to drive growth.
Dedicated Development Team
Discover how our dedicated development team can make a difference within businesses harnessing our custom IT outsourcing service offerings. Our proficient developers have a superior understanding of the latest technology and develop agile and high-performing applications. Their significant contribution to each project by providing consistent support accelerates business productivity and generates higher revenue.
Hire Developers
To stay relevant and up to date in this competitive market, hire our resourceful team of proficient engineers with varied technical knowledge and skills to cater to the custom IT outsourcing needs of clients. Shadow's team has a proven track record of delivering excellent, reliable and secure outsourcing services to boost client's business with a strategic vision. Our well-defined and manageable processes are balanced between cost, time and quality.

Benefits of Outsourcing

Outsourcing is the latest buzzword these days, as more and more cost and quality conscious businesses all over the world are turning to destinations like India for outsourcing their non-core business processes. So, what exactly is outsourcing and what are the benefits of having an offshore partner do your work for you?

Cost Advantages

Increased Efficiency

Focus on Core Areas

Save on Infrastructure and Technology

Access to Skilled Resources

Time Zone Advantage

Faster and Better Services

Run your business 24X7

See an overall increase in your business

Why choose us for Outsourcing?

We’re not just an outsourcing vendor, we’re your development partner.

Reducing Operational Cost
Gain the competitive edge by working with a remote staff and deliver more with the same budget.
Increased quality & efficiency
When you need senior experience on your project, we have the talent to augment your team.
Reduced Downtime
With proactive monitoring and remote support, we can reduce downtime you may otherwise experience.
Post Maintenance Support
We have resources on call and working different time zones to give your business ongoing and post maintenance.
Flexible Models
Scale and extend your in-house capability without recruitment / retention stress and administrative expenses
Reliability &
Scaling business up or down with nothing more than a simple
Predictable IT Budgeting
Defined development services and technology roadmaps to ensure a stable budget.
One Stop Solution
We are a One stop solution that can do an entire full cycle development and ongoing maintenance.
Freeing Up Your Time
With your development taken care of, your core team can focus on the strategic aspects of your business.

Pricing Structure

We have developed our pricing structure keeping the needs of our customers in mind.

Hourly Rates: Costing is available on an hourly basis or per project.

Monthly Rates: The person will work from Monday to Saturday, 8 hours a day, which comes down to about 200 hours in a month.

Alternate Day Rates: The person will work for 3 days a week and 8 hours a day, that means about 100 hours in a month.

Package Estimates: If you need the services randomly, contact us with your queries and send the guidelines. We'll analyze it and give you the least possible price estimation.

You can select any of the above mentioned packages that best fits your requirements. Contact us with your queries and we will be happy to provide you with a free quote within a day!

Frequently Asked Queries

When should I outsource (business processes, customer care, technical support, etc)?

Ask yourself, is service our core competency? Or have we reached a point in our growth trajectory where scaling support teams will take focus away from our main mission? When it becomes crucial to focus on your growth strategy and reducing costs it’s time to outsource your business process, customer care, and tech support. One of the first signs that you might be in trouble is that you are experiencing spikes in call volume or consistent call overflow that lead to long customer wait times that will negatively impact your service quality. Another sign could be that you are experiencing growth and having difficulty scaling or increasing staff for ancillary functions like HR, IT, training, finance and quality control teams.

Outsourcing allows you to focus on your core business, not your support departments. Outsourcing gives your company access to a higher level of expertise than you would normally be able to afford.

You need to have a clear understanding of what you are spending to provide a service to compare to the cost of outsourcing. Next, consider the top two factors that are often overlooked: the technical and cultural implications. These objections can be mitigated by including relevant stakeholders in IT and HR from the very beginning of the planning process. The third most often overlooked component is having a clear and concise timeline with a phased approach for how you will transition to your desired end state. This will expedite the approval and the implementation process down the road.

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