Lead Management System is one of the most measurable, refined, smart web-based systems used to handle Leads. This business intelligence Software system together with Sales Force automation software helps to evaluate and keep the sales cycle continuous without letting any lead fall through. This has been chiefly launched keeping in mind the need to track administer, handle, allocate and execute leads that a client company generates. The LMS System accelerates a number of jobs and controls the expenses that go into maintaining resource to conduct the tasks manually.

Organizations conduct various marketing campaigns to generate leads, these Leads generated undergoes a stacking methodology onto our allocated software system followed by systematic distribution and delegation and access to designated users depending on the market demand using the most dependable Sales and distribution dashboards.

It does take few days to set your business on a centralized platform and work out the snarls, but eventually, one ends up with a seamless lead management process that maximized leads and yields better business results.

Why do you need Lead Management System?

Cuts out the Loss of lead to zero

Automate leads from all type of sources

Lead response time reduces

Automated features reduce lead response time.

Gives priority to hot lead first

Automated features helps you to prioritize your hot lead.

Detailed report and analytical tracking

Get detailed report with all the aspects, get report of your sales person & team performance.

Fully featured and easy to use Lead Management System

Track your entire lead management process from enquiry till conversion.
  • Lead acquisition :- Automation of lead from all sources offline and online leads and cuts lead leakage to zero
  • Email Integration:- Link Your email inbox with lead management system to get all the notifications and stage of leads.
  • Task Management:- Create tasks and meeting and get all the reminder of meeting and tasks on your email
  • Lead Qualification :- Track your best lead and go for the best lead first
  • Lead Distribution :- Assign the leads to the sales person according to therules you set
  • Lead Tracking :- Track your lead step by step.
  • Sales Track :- Track your employees sales performance,sales and revenue
  • Source Tracking :- Track your lead source where it came from.

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