Mobile App Development


Shadow infosystem provides the best and most reliable solutions for transforming your business ideas into excellent user interfaces to create apps that are capable of connecting with the consumers.
We build such communication gateways through Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and manage them across their lifecycle. We leverage the rich API economy for integrations while securing communication and accelerating outreach across digital channels
Our skilled developer team comprehends the unique requirements of the clients and comes up with feasible app solutions to match. We cater exceptional iOS & Android mobile applications that are built using advanced technologies. The mindset we follow while crafting these apps is to excel in every aspect, from the user interface to user experience and performance. Whether you are an aspiring startup or an established brand, you can trust us to deliver expert Mobile Application Development Services for creating the most interactive and personalized mobile experiences for your customers.
Android App Development
Not only develop mobile apps, but we craft stunning user-experience and dynamic apps by leveraging top-notch mobile app development apps. As Android is one of the fastest growing and well-known operating systems, building app on this platform is highly crucial to attract potential customer and drive the business.Our aim is to bring down your ideas in the form of apps.
IOS App Development
We create highly robust and functional iOS mobile apps to match all your business demands. From finding a product-market fit to developing and launching your app in the market - Leave everything to us. Using a plethora of cutting-edge technologies, we help numerous Startups and Businesses around the globe to create next-gen iOS apps.
Native App Development
Mobile phones play a pivotal role in getting business. Nowadays, right from big companies to start-up’s, everyone is showing interest towards. native mobile app developmentthat drives business and yields profits. Yet, most of the companies believe in offering something unique and interesting that attracts their customers instantly. Code and Apps both works faster.
Cross Platform Technology
Cross-platform Mobile App development is an excellent choice for brands/companies that want to provide consistent app experiences to every user with a mobile device. We have a highly experienced professional app development team that exactly knows how to develop a multi-platform app with the technical details. Our skilled software developers use world-class technologies to design and implement custom apps for each platform.
IOT (Internet of Things)
Internet of Things, simply known as IoT is becoming popular nowadays. Right from the refrigerator to smart TV, ceiling fan to AC, every device is connected to internet and can be controlled from anywhere. With the extensive popularity of IoT devices, we are now in a need of app that supports the IoT operation. Be it prototyping, application architecture or UI/UX experience; we deliver perfection at every stage. IoT solutions to empower your business with a advantage.
Hybrid Mobile App Development
Hybrid mobile app development services to its esteemed client base. Our team of hybrid mobile app developers sit with the clients to understand their requirements which help them to build a robust mobile app that drives maximum return on investment. In order to build robust, yet creative and user-friendly app, our team use Java, HTML-5, Angular JS, C#, Swift, Xamarin, Titanium. We can help you to take your idea from concept to reality.
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Benefits of App Development

These days, businesses of all kinds, whether small, medium or large are taking advantage of the customized business apps as it helps them stay competitive and increase productivity. Here are some of the most popular advantages of custom mobile app development.

Mobile Apps are faster

Personalized content

Instant Online and Offline access

Using device features

Push Notifications and instant updates

Branding and Design

Productivity Improvement and Cost reduction

Interactive Engagement

Increased SEO potential for your website

App Development Process

SEO Process is focused on several SEO best practices: on-page optimization, content development, link building (inbound, outbound, and internal links), performance, site architecture, off-site SEO, social media integration, analytics and reports.

Research and Consulting
We start with what we call Phase Zero, a data collection and marketing research phase in which we study your app idea, your company, and your end users.
Wireframe and Prototype
Based on your customized requirements, our experienced team of UI/UX designers will create the Wireframe and prototype that clearly defines the user’s journey.
Architecture and Database
Our solution architects employ industry’s best patterns & techniques to build better app architecture & database design that captures the true essence of your business.
App Development
Our experienced developers follow best custom iOS app development practices as per Human Interface Guidelines that provide unique competitive advantage to your app.
Testing and QA
We rigorously test the performance of the developed app for its responsiveness, scalability, resource usage and stability based on standards.
Deployment to Live Server
Once the developed app fulfils your expectations, we take your app live as per your launch plan- ready for your users to
enjoy it.
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Technical Skills Of Our App Experts

If you need app developer with the right skills and expertise, we can provide resources who excel in every aspect of App development.

Mobile User Interface DesignAbility to build an excellent user interface (UI) with the relevant positioning of components, fast loading ability, differentiated animations, and more

Strong Programming SkillsHands on experience in languages C, C++ and Java, Android & Google API, Third party SDKs integration, and web development languages

Backend ComputationDatabase management, security, interaction with hardware ( Blue tooth, wi-fi networks), and memory allocation implementation

Business Expertise Optimization of the newly developed application to facilitate an easy and quick visibility in the App Store

Frequently Asked Queries

Why should we use Shadow infosystem over another agency?

Our clients use us because of our broad capabilities to successfully deliver complex app and online portal development projects. We have over ten years of experience in solving all kinds of problems, such as working alongside existing development teams, working with legacy systems to support new app developments, building technically complex features, and bringing together systems, processes and applications with seamless integration.

In the native app development, we use the default language and IDE of the operating system. For iOS, it is Objective C/Swift with XCode and for Android, it is Java/Kotlin with Android Studio.

When it comes to cross-platform app development, the coding is done on the selected technology framework and then it can be deployed in Android, iOS, and Windows phones.

Selecting a mobile app type largely depends on your project requirement and targeted audience. Your decision to go for native app development or cross-platform app development must be specific to your targeted audience and UI and UX features you want in your app.

Developing Hybrid apps are less costly and consume less time in the development process. Besides, these are easy to launch an update, though, there are performance and integrations issues with the Hybrid apps.

iPhones and Android smartphones are in fierce competition and both the platform are growing at a significant rate. We would recommend you to go for both the platforms if you are a growing business, willing to explore international territories in near future. If your business is local, you can check out the mobile platforms used in the nearby regions and accordingly pick the one.

Node.js, an open-source, cross-platform JavaScript run-time environment, and Java, programming language, are two common preferred backed technologies for mobile app development. Node.js allows you to write code for both client side and server side and so it makes easier for the developer to use JavaScript for both sides.

Access control and permission management functionalities can be categorized into three parts:

Content access: Control which part of the space can users view and access. The access controls can either be shared with individuals or the admin.

Data access: Controls which data users or groups can view. Data access can be restricted to the users or groups through Model sets, using access filters and access grants.

Feature access: What actions can users perform in the mobile app. Permission sets can be created to specific model sets and accordingly a user-defined dashboard can be created.

The access control functionalities help to determine what users can do and look in the mobile app and how and what part of the data could be shared with users and admin panel.

Preparing the security requirement list at the very initial phase of the mobile app development process is crucial to building a robust and secure software application.

A mobile app gets many security threats, which are usually due to the following reasons:

1. Weaker server-side controls: Server is extremely vulnerable to hacking because any communication between the app and the user happens through the server. Server-side security is more vulnerable when you are working on a cross-platform mobile app development project.

2. Insecure data storage: Securing data storage across platforms is essential. For the same, app developers must not depend on client storage for the data, rather take additional storage space for safety.

3. The Absence of binary protection: Use of binary hardening techniques in which binary files are analyzed and modified to fix the legacy code without the need for source code could help to increase mobile app security.

4. Insufficient transportation layer protection: You need to protect the route through which data is transferred from the client to the server. By using SSL and TLS encryption, you can protect the data from hackers.

5. Poor authentication and authorization: Mobile app internet connections are unreliable and so sometimes offline authentication is required to maintain the uptime.

In order to prevent the execution of actions in offline mode, you have to limit actions to online mode only and encrypt the data that can be opened in offline mode.

Broken cryptography: Poor handling of encryption process from sheer over-reliance on built-in encryption process to the use of custom encryption protocols and insecure algorithm leads to broken cryptography. Hackers can use it as an opportunity to exploit the vulnerabilities to steal the data according to their convenience. This security threat could be avoided by using advanced encryption protocols and processes.

Improper session handling: This is a client call, as many a time, companies purposely keep the session longer to not to interrupt the buying process. In uncertain conditions, if the users’ device gets into wrong hands in between, chances of data manipulation and stealing get increased.

It is recommended to use re-authentication for critical actions like purchases or important documents.