<strong>Google updates for 2022 </strong>

Google Update 2022
Google Updates

Google updates for 2022 

Google keeps refining its algorithms to show better results. Continuing the tradition, Google notified some notable updates in 2022. Here is a summary of the updates. 


(Announcement) Page experience ranking for desktop

•  Google will consider how good the user’s experience with a webpage is – to determine rank for desktop websites. Earlier, Google considered mobile-friendliness to determine rank for desktop websites, now it has been discontinued.

Google Update 2022

Google will introduce a Search Console Report to help site owners to understand page performance. 

A good experience makes things convenient for the users and retains their interest to visit again. Know more about how an exceptional user experience can not only help you rank better, but it can also bring you more customers from the leading SEO experts in Noida


Product Review 

• If a site has a substantial amount of product review content ( > 10% of the total content), Google might evaluate any content within the site. Earlier, Google used to evaluate product review content on a particular page (page-level) basis. 

This indicates if Google perceives a site can provide in-depth and pertinent information, it will evaluate the website to show more relevant and helpful results. 


(Core update) Content Assessment 

• To reward more relevant, helpful, and informative content, Google tweaked its policy to assess content. 


Product Review 

• In line with the update in March (targeted English-language product reviews)


Content Assessment 

• In line with the May update, however, it focuses on unhelpful content on a website. If Google assesses that the content is unhelpful and there is better content to show, your website rank may decline. 


(Core update) Content Assessment 

• In line with the May update. 


Spam Update 

• Google amends its algorithm to detect search spam. 


Content Assessment 

• In line with the May update. 

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