Reasons to Make Your Website Mobile Friendly

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Reasons to Make Your Website Mobile Friendly

Having a website doesn’t mean that it is mobile & tablet friendly. As it requires extra design. Shadow infosystem comes from the Top IT companies in India which help in providing website development for mobiles & their maintenance. Here are some reasons for a mobile-friendly website.

Top IT Companies in India
Top IT Companies in India

1. Google mainly prioritizes mobile-friendly websites over those that are not mobile-friendly. The google display of mobile search results was a tweak by google in 2015. Websites that are more user-friendly on mobiles will rank more than those that are not. 

2. People nowadays primarily use mobiles for internet searches to purchase tickets, items & for surfing as well. The main reason behind it is that mobile phones are faster, easy, and accessible quickly. So if your website is not according to a mobile then it is not possible to offer any service to your customer. 

3. UI-friendly mobile websites help in building trust with your client, customers, clients & influencers in your industry. User-friendly mobile website, anyone who tries to visit your website on mobile will have a proper experience & that will encourage them to see if you are a credible resource for information, product & services. 

4. It becomes the best standard practice as many websites are mobile-friendly with more coming online every day. Optimization has been made easy by UI-friendly web designs for your mobile phones and is also accessible to everyone. As users have begun to expect the level of functionality to come when they’re browsing on mobile devices. 

5. You can reach customers faster by making your website mobile-friendly than opening your customer base to anyone searching on mobile. 

6. When your customers are accessible to your website so that they can find information. Many people who use mobile devices help in accessing the web, so only a mobile-friendly website can offer an experience. The happy customer will return to your site & will tell others how great it can be & all the unhappy clients will do the opposite. 

7. It will make your website look great & function well on any device providing you with the responsive web design to build your website or redesign it. So, with the help of responsive design, your website will respond to devices a person is using to access your website. It will offer you it to look and function well. 

8. It will help in building the reputation of your website if people love the experience and they will also take notes of their points from your website as they have had bad experiences with other websites

Any organization cannot afford to give their customers a bad experience as reputation is everything. 

9. Small tweaks & redesigning can make your business look modern & relevant. If you offer useful, valuable & unique products or services but your mobile experience is bad then your company is a digital dinosaur that will lead people to take services from competitors. 

Websites that are not mobile-friendly are quickly falling to the side in this fast-evolving digital landscape. More and more websites are emerging that are mobile-friendly. So, if you want a mobile-friendly website, then Shadow infosystem is the one-stop solution for all your website-related issues. It provides the best Website development services in Noida.

Ways to Improve Your Mobile Content

Whether it’s simple changes or complex technicalities. We’re looking at different ways to improve your website’s mobile content that makes it look the best so that it can go on mobile devices.

Ignoring the optimization of websites for mobile is a bad idea for SEO reasons as well. It can also cause the website to lose its sales. Don’t worry, it’s not hard to make some improvements with the help of the top Website Development Company in Noida, which is Shadow infosystem. 

1. Limited Pop-Ups

People on mobile phones are more finicky as compared to desktops. As mobile users are in a hurry to try & find what is need to go. Pop-ups can be a huge mistake if it is not done correctly. As we know how to close the window that appears but it is not the case with mobiles. Google in its official announcement said that these mobile ads are known as “interstitials” that can personalize if they damage the user experience.  Things that are required by law such as age validation pop-ups would not hurt your rank as annoying interruptions that seek to grab an email or sell a product will hurt your SEO.

2. Use Percentage For Width

When you use CSS style sheets on a page you can specify the width of elements like columns or images that are based on 2 things those are pixels or percentages. So if you set the width at 50% it will make the width half of the screen size that is accessible. So, it helps in ensuring that the user would not have to scroll horizontally which is extremely annoying. If you set the width on pixels, the width of the elements won’t change with the screen size and you will end up with the wrong size on some devices.

3. Make Your Site Mobile Responsive 

Queries help to make your website responsive to the devices but they are not for beginners. Techniques that are used in CSS coding allow you to not only change things such as width, but also the shape of the content. So, these queries can be used to change large or small text giving the ability to tailor the mobile experience with a high degree of control. Shadow infosystem comes from the top IT companies in India that provide the development & maintenance of mobile-friendly websites.

4. Get Distractions Out of the Way

Users want quick & easy access to your content so to reach this goal you need to ensure that they are not being assaulted by too many elements at once. So if these elements load at different speeds causing the page to jump around mobile devices. The queries help in removing elements like when the screen is smaller. 

5. Looking towards Future

Accelerated Mobile Pages are something that Google is championing & it looks to be the future of mobile content. These pages have a framework that improves speed & provides a smoother UI experience. You will get the same result with heavy optimization, this provides easy access to make content super friendly.  The concept of the future is helping you to stay ahead of the curve & google is displaying AMPS in the search result. 

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